About us

We are an Integrated Marketing Solutions Companyincorporated in 2003

Today we are distinguished by our strong and growing PAN India presence that caters to an enviable client base via ingenious & innovative solutions primarily to bridge the marketing expertise and services gap.

There are two major divisions of Group MRP; one is Strategic Marketing Services Pvt. Ltd., known as SMS & other one is SMART Marketing Advanced Research Tools, known as SMART.

SMS is dedicatedly working on innovative offline marketing solutions for our clients, whereas SMART is working closely & walking parallel with SMS to meet our client’s on-air & digital requirements’.

About Visia


As modernization takes a step forward, Smart brings in a New Trend and a New Impact in the field of Marketing for our esteemed Clients

Attaining insights from all the possible Techno-driven inputs we present the best of tools to create a focused goal resulting in maximum output and desired results

We stand out on the following verticals:



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We believe the right opportunities given to the talent deliver outstanding results. We are always looking to expand our talented team.

If you are the talented one send your cv at careers@groupmrp.com. Our hr team will contact you shortly.  


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